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  • Custom .... Elegant .... Stylish .... Memorable
  • Custom .... Elegant .... Stylish .... Memorable

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How far in advance should I contact you about my wedding cake?

We recommend at least 6-8 week prior in the cooler months, however for the peak season (generally September/October & November) we tend to be booked out well in advance, so at least 6 months notice is recommended.

This doesn’t mean we won’t be able to accommodate your request if it is short notice so send us an enquiry and we will let you know if we are available.


Q. How do I book my wedding cake?

There are a number of different ways our couples can book their wedding cakes with us

1. Online Quoting & Booking

For couples that live some distance from Newcastle where travel is not convenient or for those that prefer to deal with bookings online we can provide an online quotation process via email.

2. Consultation & Tasting Appointment

We hold Design Consultations most months throughout the year (dates are listed on our homepage & on our Facebook page or individual meetings can also be arranged).

These appointments are free of charge, however due to numbers we do need you to book in prior to the event.

Inital meetings take approximately 1hr where we discuss your plans, your design ideas and you can take home some cake samples. Your cake quote will then be emailed to you in the following days


3. Save the Date/Advanced bookings

If your wedding is more than 12mths away OR you are undecided on the design but know you want us to make your cake then we can take a "Save the Date" deposit of $100 which secures your booking in our system.

4. Combination of options 1, 2 & 3 or other 

Sometimes its more convenient for couples to get their quotes online and then attend a face to face session to taste the cakes and finalise their decisions.

For others they taste our cakes at a Wedding Expo and proceed online to quotes and bookings.

Whatever is convenient and works for you, we will try our best to accommodate!  


Q. Do you make dummy cakes/tiers?

Yes we do. We use Styrofoam cut to size and decorate it to seamlessly fit into your overall design

We can do entire dummy cakes that are just for display at the event and provide kitchen cakes for serving to your guests or we can add a fake tier here or there to increase the height or make a specific design work better for you.


Q. Where can I see examples of your work?

We have extensive galleries on this site and on our Facebook page and most are also posted on our Instagram page as well.

We advertise Hunter Wedding Magazing (published yearly)

Q. What should I bring to the consultation?

When designing a custom wedding cake we use a wide variety of ideas to influence that design.... at the minimum we need to know the date & time of your event, the location, guest numbers (approximate is fine) and whether you are wishing to serve the cake as dessert or with coffee...

In addtion to this information its helpful to bring examples of any themes you have chosen for your ceremony and reception (eg are you going Vintage Rustic or Vintage Luxe?, Boho Luxe or Country?, are you having a Gatsby themed event? a masquerade ball? Lord of the Rings? etc)... if you've already chosen your wedding dress then a photograph or sample of the material showing lace or beading details is very helpful if you wish to incorporate that into the cake design.

Additionally any ideas you have on colours, invitations, table decorations, bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, key pieces of jewelrey and floral arrangements are also important to think about ... 

Have you already decided on a design? then bring along a photo or sketch and we can make it unique for you...


Q. How much are your cakes?

As each cake is individualized so is their price, however as a rough guide a

    • Round single tier cake starts from $180* (minimum order cost)
    • Round 2 tier cake starts from $300*
    • Round 3 tier cake starts from $400*
    • Round 4 tier cake starts from $550

                                                                   *plus delivery etc

The final price of your cake ultimately depends on its size & the design you choose and we can design a cake to fit almost any budget

On average our bridal couples spend between $550 - $850 for a 3 tier, custom designed wedding cake including delivery however we have done larger and more intricate cakes that exceed that price range as well as smaller more simple designs.

We have plenty of suggestions on how to create a beautiful cake that fits your budget and all this can be discussed when you contact us.


Q. What kind of cakes do you make?

We work with delicious moist mudcakes and layer them with ganache (a combination of chocolate and cream).

Our cakes are either 3 or 4 layers of cake, with ganache in-between each layer.

You can choose multiple flavours per cake (1 flavour per tier) at no additional costs.


Q. Do you have any Terms & Conditions?

Yes we do - please click on this link for the document 2017TCupdated.pdf